Below is a list of the used equipment that we currently have on hand. Click on the item to see a picture and click on the information link at the bottom to find out more information. Also, check for package pricing...The more you buy, the more you will save.Thanks !
Model# Description Price
PEAVEY 4x12 cabinet    PEAVEY 4x12 guitar cabinet. 16 Ohm, great condition. New Price !$200
PAS Scooped Sub bins    2 ea. Single 15" scooped sub bins. . New PAS 8ohm drivers. New Price !$200 ea.
3way mains     2 ea. 3 way mains. 15" - 10" and horn. 500 watts. Bi-ampable, 8 Ohm, New condition. PAS, EV and Foster drivers. New Price !$200 ea.

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